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Welcome to the 2020 Spring Piano and Vocal Recital for Elaine Sneider’s students. If you would like to skip ahead to your Student’s performance, the timestamp is where the student’s performance begins. Thank you again for all your support and hard work to make this video possible.
We hope you enjoy the performances!!

  • 00:00Elaine Sneider Intro

  • 00:38Alice JohnsonThe Muffin Man and Sailing the Ocean Blue

  • 02:49Tristan Cooper – The Wishing Star

  • 03:52Grace SchneiderMy Favorite Things (vocal performance) and Maybe (vocal performance)

  • 07:18Ellisyn ConklinYankee Doodle

  • 07:58Ellie JohnsonTwinkle Little Star and I Love Horses

  • 10:31Asa CallawayStar Wars and Getting Wet in the Rain

  • 12:35Anastasia CoehrsOnce Upon a December (vocal performance) and Part of Your World (vocal performance)

  • 19:01Mabel SperlingCha Cha Chase

  • 20:29Chase CannonStarlings

  • 22:15Jordyn DuganIt’s the Hard Knock Life (vocal performance) and Castle on a Cloud (vocal performance)

  • 25:36Mason FishAwesome Possum and This Land is Your Land

  • 27:35Eliana RodriguezRockin’ Robin and Sunshine Suite

  • 30:54Brayden CooperSilly Willie, the Chimpanzee and Little Cloud

  • 34:20Arriana DuganHearts of Asia (4 Songs)

  • 37:41Lila BatmanFeed the Birds (vocal performance) and Once Upon a December (vocal performance)

  • 42:40Jia ThakkerProud Corazon, My Best Friend, and Speechless (vocal performance)

  • 49:29Ali ParsellsPumpkin Boogie

  • 50:35Brenna CallawaySend the Light and Thundering Drums

  • 52:17Cooper KruseDo You Hear the People Sing? (vocal performance) and Who Will Buy? (vocal performance)

  • 55:51Karlee MitchellDances for Two: 1. Our Waltz 2. Polka 3. Waltz in A Minor

  • 57:47Vinny TrivediMalenguena, Piano Concerto, Wade in the Water (vocal performance), and Candle on the Water (vocal performance)

  • 01:05:10Bennett GiesFur Elise and Midnight Riders

  • 01:08:24Ashlynn JacobsBumble Bee Toccata and Moonlight Sonata

  • 01:11:55Elaine Sneider Outro



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