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Prepare to be your best for an audition. Elaine will work one-on-one with those auditioning for a show on acting and vocals for an audition. This session can be for one 40 minute session or two 40 minute sessions. Contact Elaine to schedule this and for current pricing at 419-350-4721 or

I am so glad my son, Jake has acted in numerous Adventures In Education performances. Jake’s self-esteem has skyrocketed since he walked on stage for his first time.


In addition, his grades and confidence level have improved immensely.   His interest in studying film, drama, theater and anything related to acting has become a passion and inspires him to continue learning not only the many facets of this craft, yet also his concentration and focus in his classes at school.

Thank you, Elaine for the positive, motivating, and creative growth you have provided through Adventures In Education.  You have made a great impact on Jake!


Most Sincerely,

RuthAnn M. Montaine



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